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2016 Annual Report

The 2016 BirdNote Annual Report

Every day, BirdNote brings moments of joy, learning and inspiration to listeners around the world – while building widespread awareness of birds and conservation. Thank you for investing in the future of the natural world by supporting BirdNote. This annual report is a celebration of the difference that you – our donors, volunteers, advisors, listeners and advocates – make for birds by supporting BirdNote’s voice for conservation.

BirdNote stories are educating listeners of all ages — and inspiring them to care about the natural world.

You make this possible. BirdNote is an independently produced and funded radio program, and your investment makes a difference for birds, their habitats, and your fellow listeners.

Thank you! We appreciate your support and your belief in our work.

Online comments:

I'm contacting BirdNote about – The fun I'm having listening to you!


BirdNote has definitely made a difference in my life. I always look forward to listening to the daily podcasts to escape my busy life...


I so appreciate how much I'm learning from your site. I also admire the clear, vibrant voice in each story; it's a rare feat to match the beauty of human language with the beauty of more-than-human voices.

BirdNote by the Numbers

  • 1.7 million daily listeners
  • Broadcasts on 200+ stations in 40 states (up from just one station in 2005)
  • Nearly 1,500 shows accessible any time at
  • 1000+ videos and many more photos online

Special Features in the Report

  • New video: Behind the Scenes with BirdNote
  • Project with Northwest Public Radio
  • BirdNote adventures to Big Bend and Panama
  • Launched education web resources, Tune Kids In to Nature
  • Began a partnership with Sasquatch Books to create a BirdNote book
  • Beautiful images from Gerrit Vyn

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