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Navigating by Earth's Magnetic Field

How do birds navigate? They steer by landmarks and by the sun and stars. A keen sense of smell helps some birds chart their course. And, it turns out, migrating birds also find their way by responding to the magnetic field of the earth. Iron-rich magnetic crystals inside the upper beak of this... read more »

Topics & Themes:  migration, science

In the Land of Odin - Featuring John and Carol Stansfield

The Norse god Odin had two ravens that perched on his shoulders. Storyteller John Stansfield and his wife Carol share a song about the land of Odin. In this summer camp song, it's not a raven but a little bird that comes to sharpen its beak on a mythic mountain. Once every million years, a little... read more »

Topics & Themes:  music

Sizing Up Sharp-shinned Hawks

Sharp-shinned Hawks are swift, bird-catching predators. The male is jay-sized. The female stands a head taller and weighs almost twice as much. Female birds of prey are most notably bigger than males among hawk species that hunt very agile prey, such as other birds. The smaller male will tend to... read more »


Corbin Klaft - A Friend to the Birds

Nine-year-old Corbin Klaft has hung a birdfeeder outside his bedroom window. "I just want to see the birds, how they hunt and perch, what they do with their feet. Most often the birds just come in and eat, and I try to identify them." Corbin has an idea for a birdhouse, too. "I'm going to make a... read more »

Topics & Themes:  birdfeeding

Red-tailed Hawks Take the Bus

Travel into Seattle from Sea-Tac airport, and you might share the shuttle with a Red-tailed Hawk! To protect planes, passengers and birds, airport biologists Steve Osmek and Bud Anderson are capturing and relocating raptors. They band and wing-tag the hawks, then release them in the Skagit Valley... read more »

Topics & Themes:  environmental champion

Swans on Valentine's Day

Swans have long exalted the human heart. Among the world's most magnificent creatures, swans inspire us, especially on Valentine's Day. On a lake, an adult pair of swans glides serenely, side by side, a classic symbol of love. And they have earned their reputation for fidelity. Swans mate for... read more »


Rock Pigeon, Urban Bird

The Rock Pigeon is the quintessential urban bird. Early European settlers at Jamestown and Plymouth introduced it to North America in the 1600s, and it is now found across the entire country. Flocks roam parks and city streets and sit on wires and billboards.Be part of our flock of supporters,... read more »


The COASST Program - Interview with Julia Parrish

In the late 1990s, Julia Parrish started the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team or COASST. Julia says: "We train people to go out to their local beach and survey it. They are looking for birds that have literally washed in on the last tide. COASST offers people a chance to learn more... read more »


Yellow-billed Magpies and West Nile Virus

Like their cousins, jays and crows, the Yellow-billed Magpies of California were hit hard by West Nile virus. The disease reduced magpie numbers by half. Habitat loss and poisoning also threaten the birds. They're now on Audubon's watchlist of species of concern. Whether the magpies will develop... read more »

Topics & Themes:  citizen science

Ducks Unlimited Celebrates Anniversary

This January marks the 75th anniversary of Ducks Unlimited. Ducks Unlimited - or DU - has grown to become, by many measures, the most effective wetland conservation organization in the world. To date, they've conserved more than 12 million acres of waterfowl and wildlife habitat in North America.... read more »

Topics & Themes:  environmental champion