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BirdNote FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Everything you need to know about BirdNote!

Q - Who wrote the BirdNote theme song?

A - Nancy Rumbel composed and played the theme music, and John Kessler produced it. 
      Read the full story in this Field Note.

Q - Who is Marty?
A - Marty is a Marsh Wren and has been the BirdNote mascot since the program’s inception in 2005. The illustration is based on a photo by BirdNote advisor Idie Ulsh. Learn more about the story of Marty. Even though his typical range is limited to North and Central America, Marty has traveled the world with BirdNote listeners. See pictures and learn how you can take Marty on your next trip.

Q - Is BirdNote on Facebook or Twitter?
A - Join the BirdNote flock at Facebook or Twitter.

Q - Can I find out what’s coming up on BirdNote?
A - Sign up for weekly preview email to see photos and listen to shows before they air.

Q - How do I contribute a photo to BirdNote?
A - Use our Contact Us form or post an image on our wall on Facebook.

Q - I have an idea for a show. How can I suggest it?
A - The producers at BirdNote have used many stories submitted by listeners. If you have a specific question, please feel free to first search our Show Archive. If you don’t see anything there, please use our Contact Us form to submit your story idea.

Q - Who pays for BirdNote?
A - Radio stations do not pay for BirdNote, but they provide incredibly valuable airtime. Production of this daily radio series is funded by individuals and foundations. Read our annual reports and consider a donation.