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BirdNote Volunteers

BirdNote is grateful to the many volunteers who contribute their time and talent, helping our organization to grow.

"Volunteers aren't paid, not because they are worthless,
but because they are priceless."
 - Unknown

Here are some of the dedicated individuals who have helped us over the last few years:

Laura Cruz – technology advisor
Laura Cruz grew up in the Puerto Rican countryside, just southwest of El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest under the US Forest Service. It was the BirdNote intro music that first caught Laura's ear and became the highlight of her morning. .... read more >>

Dave Ehlert - illustrator
David Ehlert’s credentials speak for themselves: Certified Medical Illustrator; Master of Associated Medical Science; Bachelor of Science, major in drawing and a minor in biology; Associate of Art. He considers himself a sleuth-turned-storyteller first ... read more >>

Gail Fox - facilitator / hostess
Gail Fox was raised in New York and has lived in Seattle for almost 40 years. After retiring in 2018, she now seeks birding and photography opportunities. Shorebirds and the many species of birds that flock to her home feeders ... read more >>

Amanda Gibson
Amanda Gibson is a freelance editor who lives with her family in Kirkland, Washington. An Alaska native, she started volunteering for BirdNote in 2006 and has been hooked on the program ever since. Her appreciation for words ... read more >>

Janet and Steve Goff
Janet Goff discovered BirdNote on the radio and decided she could lend her support by volunteering. She soon recruited her husband Steve to help out with a BirdNote fundraiser, and together they have had a grand time with ... read more >>

Alan Humphrey - web and database designer
Alan Humphrey has been in the tech industry for over 20 years, working for a variety of companies, large and small. He currently does web and database development for non-profit organizations ... read more >>

Lynne Jensen
Lynne Jensen writes: "I am such a lucky person – My husband, George, and I live in two of the most beautiful places in the world, Gustavus, Alaska (near Glacier Bay National Park), and Whidbey Island, Washington.” They retired from teaching ... read more >>

Colene McKee
Colene McKee is a Washington native and grew up in Yakima, camping and hiking with her family in the Cascade Mountains. She first became interested in bird watching while a student at ... read more >>

Nancy Rumbel - Composer/Former Board Member
Nancy Rumbel, composer of the BirdNote theme, grew up in San Antonio, Texas, where as an avid Girl Scout she enjoyed many camping trips in the Hill Country.  Her love for music and nature has served her well ... read more >>

Karen Zook
Karen Zook's ears led her to birding. An avid gardener, she'd be in her yard and hear a bird song, which led her to find the bird, then to identifying what she'd found. She loves to bird by ear, and now leads field trips because of her “bird ears.” ... read more >>

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