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After seven years on the air, BirdNote has built itself a new nest! But don’t expect a pile of mud and sticks here – the new is chock full of new features. Check out galleries of bird images and videos, a fully searchable archive of hundreds of BirdNote shows, and the BirdNote blog. And be sure to tell your friends!

1. Search Box: Search the entire BirdNote website – all shows, blogs, images, video, etc. – by entering keywords in the search box, like “bald eagle,” “robin,” or “nest”. You have much to explore!

2. BirdNote show archive: Want to listen again to a show that aired recently? Find it here. Click on “Browse Shows” on the right to filter the BirdNote archive by date, topic, author, and more. If you listen to a show and want to listen to more, click on any of the links on the bottom of the page. Click on a bird’s name under “More Shows About These Birds” to see a list of all content – shows, blogs, images, videos, etc. – about that species. The links under “Related Topics” do the same.

3. Field Note Blog: Read more from the experts at BirdNote and others, as they write on a variety of subjects, from how to learn to bird by ear to recent trends in birdwatching and bird conservation. Leave a comment to join in the conversation!

4. Sights and Sounds Gallery: Peruse beautiful bird images and videos from around the world, all curated by BirdNote.

5. Get Involved: Want to improve conditions for birds? We’ll help show you the way. Learn how you can help birds by making small changes in your home, your back yard, and even your grocery cart. Are you helping birds in a different way? Let us know so we can share your story and increase your impact!

6. Resources: Got a question about birds? Woodpeckers pounding on your gutters? Want to know the story of the BirdNote theme song? Found a sick or injured bird? Check out the FAQs, where you’ll find the answers to many frequently asked questions. 

7. About BirdNote

  • How to Tune in: Don’t hear BirdNote enough? Find out how you can listen daily to BirdNote, on-air and online. 
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  • Where’s Marty? Who’s Marty? The BirdNote mascot, Marty the Marsh Wren, has traveled the world, but he’s always excited for his next adventure. Take him on your next trip, and share your pictures with us on Facebook.

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