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The 2013 BirdNote Listener Survey

Downy Woodpecker © Gregg Thompson

During June and July of 2013, more than 1,300 BirdNote listeners took a few minutes to complete our listener survey. Each answer provided valuable insight as to how listeners tune in to BirdNote and how the program affects their lives, which will inform BirdNote’s strategic planning process and support our fundraising and outreach efforts.

Survey Highlights:

Nine out of 10 survey respondents listen to BirdNote because they enjoy the sounds or stories, or they learn new things.

More than 90 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that BirdNote has raised their awareness of birds and the environment. Overall, many respondents stated that they have changed their behavior as result of listening to BirdNote:

Nearly half of survey respondents:

  • Notice birds more frequently
  • Feel more educated about environmental issues
  • Plant more native plants in their yard

Four in 10 respondents:

  • Use fewer pesticides or herbicides
  • Have a greater appreciation for nature
  • Take steps to reduce their energy usage

When compared to our 2009 survey, a number of responses indicate a larger trend—more BirdNote listeners are listening beyond the radio broadcast:

  • Digital listening: The percentage of people who listen to BirdNote exclusively via podcast or directly from the website tripled;
  • Digital discovery: nearly four times more people first learned of BirdNote through social media, a search engine, a recommendation from a friend, or a referring website;
  • Website daily visits: the percentage of respondents who visit daily doubled;
  • Website weekly visits: the percentage of those who visit at least weekly tripled.

BirdNote would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey!  Your input will help us improve our programming, expand our reach and plan for the future.

Congratulations to BirdNote fan Lynn D. from Wisconsin who won the survey drawing for Nikon binoculars. Check out Lynn’s story!

Q 13: How do you listen to BirdNote?

Q 16: What do you like most about listening to BirdNote?

Q 18: How has your attitude or outlook toward birds and nature changed as a result of listening to BirdNote?