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Atlantic Flyway Stand-out Species: Wood Thrush

Pacific Flyway:
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Atlantic Flyway:
Wood Thrush

Every Tuesday during the month of December, BirdNote will highlight beloved birds and places in each of the four North American flyways – the Atlantic, Mississippi, Central and Pacific – and ask for your support. We’re kicking off this effort in the Atlantic flyway, where the Wood Thrush sings in forests of the Eastern U.S. during spring and summer.

Where will BirdNote travel next week? Find out on Tuesday, December 10. In the meantime, enjoy your virtual visit to the Atlantic flyway, and please support BirdNote!

Wood Thrush © Jerry Oldenettel

Atlantic Flyway Stand-out Species: Wood Thrush

Some believe the song of the Wood Thrush to be the most beautiful bird song in North America! Listen to this BirdNote show to hear it - and to learn how thrushes create such exquisite music.

Male Wood Thrushes duel by singing different songs, unlike most songbirds, which challenge each other with renditions of the same song. The oldest known individual Wood Thrush was over ten years old—quite a bit of time to build up an impressive repertoire!

Wood Thrush numbers have declined as forests have been cut on their breeding grounds in the Eastern U.S. and their wintering grounds in southern Mexico and Central America. Yet nearly half of Wood Thrush pairs have two broods per nesting season, so given a chance, their numbers could rebound. Protected areas like the Adirondack Park in New York give them that chance!

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