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Welcoming Dominic Black to the BirdNote Team

Dear BirdNote Listeners,

Please join us in welcoming Dominic Black as BirdNote's new director of national programs!

Dominic is a skilled and creative storyteller with a track record of distinction in radio production. A native of Ireland, Dominic launched his public radio career at the BBC, where he produced radio features, documentaries, and series for broadcast on national BBC networks. Dominic also served KUOW 94.9 FM Seattle as a senior producer. Most recently, he has worked as a freelance producer based in Seattle. 

Dominic will lead the BirdNote production team when founder and executive producer Chris Peterson retires in June 2014. Under Chris’s leadership during the past decade, BirdNote has produced daily episodes and grown from a local radio show broadcast on KPLU 88.5 FM Seattle/Tacoma to a nationally distributed program that reaches an estimated 1.3 million daily listeners in 40 states. Black hopes to further expand listenership through the production of feature stories for broadcast in major markets and through digital distribution.

“I'm excited about joining the talented team at BirdNote," says Dominic. “As we reach out to new and diverse audiences across a range of platforms, we’ll be exploring new ways of telling our stories. Over time, we hope to make the natural world, and the place of birds within it, more present and more important to even more people.”

Corncrake © Phil ( CC)

What's Dominic's favorite bird? The Corncrake, a European species of rail. As Dominic describes it, the Corncrake is "unglamorous, a symbol of disappearing rural landscapes when I was growing up in the '70s and '80s."

Dominic lives in Seattle with his wife and three children. He enjoys good food, listening to The Morning Show with John Richards on KEXP, playing the guitar, feeding his children, and asking people questions.

Check out some of Dominic’s recent work:

Satko’s Ark: This web-based series, also broadcast on radio, draws on multiple archive sources to tell the story of a family's epic trek across the United States during the Great Depression.

And samples of his work with the BBC:

Unpeeling The Orange: A four-part personal journey in which a well-known journalist spends time with members of the Orange Order, one of the most controversial political and religious groups in British society.

Pitting Friends and Enemies: A pioneering history of the 1984 coal miners' strike in Scotland, which features archive recordings alongside contemporary testimony from ex-miners, politicians, and community activists.

A Cup of Tea, A Sticky Bun and An Hour of Gaybo: The story of a morning radio show that played a pivotal role in the creation of modern Ireland.