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Peregrine Falcons in Italy

BirdNote photo contributor, Paolo Taranto, lives in Bologna, Italy, where he follows several families of Peregrine Falcons.

An adult male Peregrine Falcon sits atop San Petronio in the old town of Bologna, in the center of the city.

Perching on a ledge at the bell tower

An adult female Peregrine calls as it flies over the Fiera district....

An adult male Peregrine lands on a ledge of the bell tower of San Petronio Church

An adult Peregrine swoops by the roof of the San Petronio bell tower

An immature Peregrine, not long after fledging -- note all the striped markings on its breast.

Two immature Peregrines, fledged from the bell tower nest, perch atop the cross of San Petronio


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All photos © Paolo Taranto. Learn more!

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