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Red-winged Blackbirds - Denizens of the Marsh

It’s spring, and a male Red-winged Blackbird brandishes his red epaulets to warn away other male Red-winged Blackbirds from his patch of cattails. At the same time, he sings to lure the females into his marshy territory.

The female blends right in with the cattails, as she builds the nest. She picks ribbons from the marsh, to adorn the nest.

The nest blends in with the cattails...

Mom feeds the young --

They grow up fast!


Dad feeds the family, too

And by winter, they're all off in a flock!


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Thanks to these photographers for the use of their photos:
Mike Hamilton
Joanne Kamo
Gerald Hiam, Putneypics, Flickr Creative Commons
tjdatsrt, Flickr Creative Commons
Steve Thompson, Flickr Creative Commons
Alan Vernon, Flickr Creative Commons

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