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Interaction between two Red-tailed Hawks

Mike Hamilton was birding at Sikes Lake near Carnation Farm, outside the town of Carnation in Washington State, when he spotted a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk flying low over some Cackling Geese in a field.

He writes: The bird landed on a telephone pole about 70 feet from my car.

I decided to try to catch the bird on a takeoff when it moved on. I got much more than I bargained for. The hawk was poised to fly, and I fired away. Completely unknown to me, a second Red-tail was approaching and dislodged the first one from the perch.

After a short time, the newcomer relocated to a pole close by the lake. He spent a lot of time gazing toward the geese. 

However, he diverted his attention to something below and soon dove straight down. He was quickly rewarded.


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