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BirdNote Live - The Podcast!

Guest speakers at the BirdNote Live event held in Seattle, WA 2018.

Nearly 700 people joined us for BirdNote Live in Seattle. Photo by Tom Collins for KNKX.

Birds are with us everywhere. They animate our stories, inform our art and music, and reveal startling truths about the world we share.

Host Mary McCann joined with special guests Barbara Earl Thomas, Dr. J. Drew Lanham and teen birder Doria Cottle-Simon for BirdNote Live!, an evening of conversation exploring why birds inspire us, what they have to teach us, and what our relationships with birds tell us about ourselves.

BirdNote Live is a special collaborative project in celebration of Seattle’s first Bird Week, bringing together BirdNote, Seward Park Audubon Center, Town Hall, Sasquatch Books and media sponsor KNKX 88.5 FM.


Support for BirdNote Live comes from Audubon Park Wild Bird Food, family owned and feather forward for 60 wild years. Reminding listeners that spring is when newly nesting families need nutritional help. Info on this, and why bird feeding runs in families, is online at