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Vultures! Nature's Clean-up Crew

In celebration of International Vulture Awareness Day!

King Vulture © Patricia van Casteren                                                         King Vulture © M. Kuhn

Black Vulture © Paul Williams                                                                   Black Vulture © Ken Slade

Himalayan Vultures © rithmroc                                                                 Himalayan Vulture © Sergey Yeliseev

White-backed Vulture © Mark Robinson                                                   White-backed Vultures & cheetah © Sergey Yeliseev

Egyptian Vulture © Sjors Ruijgrok                                                                 Cinereous Vulture © Joachim S. Muller

Long-billed Vulture © Madhukar Bangalore                                               Long-billed Vultures © Tarique Sani

Ruppell's Vulture © Steve Garvie                                                               Ruppell's Vulture © Steve Garvie

White-rumped Vulture © Steve Babb                                                          White-rumped Vulture © T.A. Joseph

Turkey Vulture © Mike Gabelmann                                                            Turkey Vulture © Ken Slade

Cape Vultures © Werner Witte                                                                     Cape Vulture ©

Hooded Vulture © Jon Lucas                                                                     Hooded Vulture © Anna Ghislaine

Lappet-faced Vulture © cweng50                                                             Lappet-faced Vulture © Peter Steward

White-headed Vulture © Steve Garvie                                                        White-headed Vultures © Steve Garvie

Bearded Vulture or Lammergeier © Joachim S. Muller                               Andean Condor © Drriss & Marrionn

Greater Yellow-headed Vulture © Jorge Montejo                                       Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture © Patty McGann

And last but not least... the California Condor!

© Glenn Simmons


We haven't included every species of vulture in the world, but we did the best we could. If you have a good photo of a vulture not seen here, please let us know. Leave a comment.

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