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Cedar Waxwings - Berry Gobblers

GT cedar waxwing 1-2On a winter day early in the new year, Gregg Thompson found Cedar Waxwings busy at a favorite job - eating berries. He took full advantage of a break in the weather with good light to catch the birds stuffing themselves. Gregg describes them, ". . . just a lot of gobbling. Man, these guys can pack away the berries."

These photos are of two different birds eating from the same batch of berries. One is a "first-year" bird, looking a little scruffy and without a full set of smooth pale-yellow belly feathers as yet. Can you tell which of the photos are of the younger bird and which of the adult?

GT cedar waxwing 3
     Ready, set, juggle that berry . . .

GT cedar waxwing 4

GT cedar waxwing 6
     Another bird, another berry . . .

GT cedar waxwing 2-2

GT cedar waxwing 4-2

GT cedar waxwing 6-2
     And down the hatch!

GT cedar waxwing 7-2


All photos are © Gregg Thompson and may not be used without permission.

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