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Anna's Hummingbird Family

This delightful Anna's Hummingbird family was photographed by Gregg Thompson. In three weeks, the hatchlings grew to fledglings under the watchful and tireless eye of their mother.

Female Anna's Hummingbird on her nest

Anna's Hummingbird feeding new hatchlings in her nest

The chicks are snug in a tiny, marvelous nest made of bits of leaves, twigs, lichen, bound together and anchored in place with spider's silk.

Anna's Hummingbird chicks

Feathers just starting to come in on Anna's Hummingbird chicks

Eyes opening, and feathers coming in!

Anna's Hummingbird chicks are opening their eyes and starting to grow feathers

Female Anna's Hummingbird arriving at her nest of chicks

That small nest is looking smaller! Those appetites are getting larger...

Two Anna's Hummingbird chicks in their nest in the Pacific Northwest

Growing chicks are keeping the mother Anna Hummingbird busy!

Anna's Hummingbird fledglings at their nest

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All photos © Gregg Thompson