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Alfred Yan

Alfred Yan posted this challenge to himself on his Flickr page in early 2007:
My personal quest is to photograph 100 different species of BIRD-IN-FLIGHT images for the one full year starting from Febuary 18 2007, my first posting of the mallard duck on Flickr. Three conditions apply:
1. The birds must be wild;
2. The images must be of good quality, and ;
3. The bird must be one of the North American species as laid out by this web site (but not necessarily seen or photographed in North America):

He made it! And on December 31, 2007, he posted again:
My next challenge is to see how long will it take me to capture 300 different (N.American) species of birds-in-flight. Number 300 is the limit in my estimation, and beyond that the resources spent will not be justified. I also consider the fact that many species are either hard to find or not easy to capture in-flight (e.g. warblers and small birds); or they just won't fly, period.(e.g. rails and grebes). For now, I'd say I shall quit at #300 if I ever get there !!!

(Nov 15,2008) 300 accomplished. No more promises
BirdNote is grateful for Alfred's contributions to our website.