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Laura Cruz

Laura is a program manager for HBO and is passionate about using technology as a vehicle to connect communities and make information accessible to all. She is the technology advisor to the board.

Laura hails from Puerto Rico and grew up in the foothills of El Yunque, a tropical rainforest. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2009 and noticing the lovely plumage of Red-winged Blackbirds near Lake Sammamish, Laura grew interested in birdwatching. She shares her love for birds with her husband Zac. Aside from enjoying nature in its many forms, Laura enjoys genealogy research, reading, and drawing.

BirdNote stories matter because they open us up to a whole new world where we can become connected to birds and nature. With this new perspective, we can all become closer to our environment, learn how we affect it, and get more enjoyment out of our everyday interactions with birds!

Here she is, enjoying a day on Rattlesnake Ridge!