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Tom Darden

Tom Darden is a retired biologist who received his PhD from the University of California and then spent two years as a post-doc at the University of Washington. His research efforts during those years focused on the European Starling and the White-crowned Sparrow. Following the post-doc, Tom taught introductory and graduate level courses at the university as well as Evergreen State College.

In addition to teaching, he has worked as a research scientist and manager in several different areas, ranging from locally based community public health programs and HIV/AIDS surveillance projects to a global clinical research program conducting clinical trials of HIV prevention strategies. This last endeavor was centered at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where Tom served as a senior research scientist.

Tom serves on the board of Audubon Washington and as a volunteer and member of the Volunteer Leadership Team for the Woodland Park Zoo. His free time is spent hiking, fishing, birding, and cooking. He and his wife Ellen also travel widely, visiting grandchildren living in Luxembourg and Boston.