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Environment for the Americas

BirdNote partners with Environment for the Americas (EFTA) to promote World Migratory Bird Day and bird conservation education.

Environment for the Americas is home of World Migratory Bird Day. International MIgratory Bird Day was created in 1993 to celebrate bird migration and motivate conservation action on behalf of birds. Today, events and programs are hosted year-round at more than 550 sites from Canada to Colombia as part of World Migratory Bird Day. Learn more about Environment for the Americas.

World Bird Day is celebrated in May, but materials are available and events are held throughout the entire year! Find an event near you.

There's a new poster every year - here's the artwork for a recent poster.

Art by Barry Kent MacKay is featured on the front. The poster back has information about life cycles and their importance to bird conservation. 

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Want to create your own event? Here's the first step.

A Sampling of BirdNote Shows Featuring International Migratory Bird Day


Bobolinks and Grasslands

Male Bobolinks are first to arrive on their breeding grounds in the grasslands. Why are there fewer Bobolinks than in decades past? Listen >>



International Migratory Bird Laws

In May, we celebrate migratory birds, including this Common Yellowthroat. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 gave much needed protection to birds, especially migratory songbirds. Listen >>



Veracruz, River of Raptors

The annual flow of 5.5. million migrating raptors funnels through Veracruz, Mexico includes birds from all over eastern North America. Listen >>



Cerulean Warblers Link Conservation
On Two Continents

The Cerulean Warbler is one of the most threatened birds in the US. 2,500 miles separate its breeding grounds in the Appalachian Mountains from the Andes Mountains where it winters. Listen >>