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April 2012

Take A Tour!

After seven years on the air, BirdNote has built itself a new nest! But don’t expect a pile of mud and sticks here – the new is chock full of new features. Check out galleries of bird images and videos, a fully searchable archive of hundreds of BirdNote shows, and the BirdNote blog.... read more »


Migration happens once every year. And then again maybe six months later.Depending on several factors, at most times of the year, there are many birds on the move. Some are merely altitudinal migrants, descending when the weather turns fowl in the mountains. The large majority undertake a twice... read more »

Topics & Themes:  migration

Birds' Senses

I have been asked how birds that feed by probing in mud locate their food – Which of their senses are they using?They are using the exact sense you would use, whether probing with your fingers or your nose – the sense of touch. Most of the birds that probe in mud for prey are sandpipers, varying... read more »

Topics & Themes:  science