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February 2014

A Gyrfalcon Takes a Pigeon out of the Sky!

In late February, 2014, photographer Gregg Thompson visited a grain silo near Vancouver, British Columbia, where a Gyrfalcon has spent the winter. Actually, Gregg spent several days there, hoping to take a photo of this dashing predator as it catches one of the many pigeons that roost in the silo... read more »

Topics & Themes:  birding, photography

A male and female Northern Harrier interact

Western Washington resident, Becky Rosencrans, was fortunate to see the following interaction between male and female Northern Harriers. The photos were taken in December 2010, so it was probably too early for the male harrier to be using the carcass for pair bonding. In fact, he seemed to have... read more »

Topics & Themes:  photography

BirdNote Moments for March 2014

King Penguins – World's Largest Kazoo BandWritten by Bob SundstromAnd now, a BirdNote Moment![Sounds of a colony of King Penguins]While it’s still winter in many parts of North America, it’s summer in Antarctica. And the birds are singing—at least the penguins are. [King Penguin pair calls] A... read more »


Hardy Birds - Mergansers

Even on a frigid winter day, a wander along the Potomac brings unexpected rewards. January can offer one of the more exceptional sightings: Hooded Mergansers. I watched a pair working the slower channels of the river and marveled at not only their appearance, but their toughness in fishing hour... read more »


BirdNote Founder and Executive Producer Announces Retirement

Learn more about the Chris Peterson Fund for Creative StorytellingWhen the idea for BirdNote struck Chris Peterson in December, 2002, she spent two years assembling the ingredients for success: a talented team, a visionary board, solid financing, access to a rich trove of bird sounds, and a... read more »

Topics & Themes:  environmental champion

Robert W. Hines, Talented - and Self-taught - Wildlife Artist

Bob Hines was an extremely talented - and self-taught - wildlife artist. Hines turned to art as a way to share the wonders of nature during the tough times of the Great Depression. His real career started in Ohio, working for the state, but by the late 1940s he joined the US Fish and Wildlife... read more »

BirdNote Moments for February 2014

Black Rails by Night II - Written by Bob SundstromAnd now, a BirdNote Moment![Black Rail calling, using the “kee-kee-doo” type calls]As the February moon rises over a Louisiana marsh, a peculiar sound breaks the nocturnal silence.  [Black Rail calling] It’s the call of a Black Rail. [Black... read more »