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February 2019

A Great Blue Heron Goes Fishing

Photographer Gregg Thompson captured a quick succession of images of a Great Blue Heron striking - and then swallowing - an unlucky fish. Herons have modified vertebrae, which allow them to hold their necks in an "S" shape and recoil quickly to capture fast-moving prey. Besides fish, a Great Blue... read more »

Topics & Themes:  photography

Great Blue Heron Catches a FROG!

Mike Hamilton captured a sequence of images of a Great Blue Heron catching and eating - GULP - a large bullfrog! Herons stalk a wide variety of prey, from fish and insects to small mammals, reptiles, amphibians - and even birds. ###Listen to BirdNote shows about Great Blue HeronsThe Heron... read more »

Topics & Themes:  photography

Gyrfalcon in Flight

Gyrfalcons - the largest falcons in the world - are amazingly powerful hunters. Body design and muscle allow these athletic birds to soar, stall and stoop with speeds up to 130 mph. They dine mostly on birds but will grab mammals for a meal - squirrels, lemmings, even a rabbit. On a lucky day,... read more »

Topics & Themes:  photography

Palm Cockatoos - Different Drummers

Male Palm Cockatoos keep the beat during courtship, creating tools to make music! Researchers with the Robert Heinsohn lab at the Australian National University documented that the wild "Palmies" in the population on Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland engage in the unique behavior of... read more »

Topics & Themes:  breeding display

Next Generation

Environmental Education ProgrammingBirdNote Next Generation awards grants to environmental education programs to incorporate BirdNote media into their curricula. BirdNote also contracts with media producers to create new media about, by, and for young listeners.The 2019 environmental education... read more »