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Field Notes

Vultures! Nature's Clean-up Crew

In celebration of International Vulture Awareness Day!King Vulture © Patricia van Casteren                                  ... read more »

The Kids Are Growin' Up

Late summer — and this year's young birds are growing up. Mike Hamilton's camera has found themunfurling new feathers, practicing essential skills, and sometimes . . . looking a little confused by it all.[We've named the birds below their pictures, so you can guess what they are. Have fun!]This... read more »


Look Up: How Falconry Transformed a Family

Rodney Stotts had a hard life growing up — he lost his father to violence when he was young, was arrested for dealing drugs, and watched many of his friends die on the streets of Washington, D.C. But an introduction to falconry gave Rodney a way out.Years later, his son Mike embraced falconry as... read more »


Red-breasted Sapsucker Creates Sapwells

Have you ever noticed trees with many small holes drilled in the bark, often in neat rows? These are most likely the work of a sapsucker, a type of woodpecker, and the holes are known as sapwells.  After the initial drilling, the sapsucker regularly revisits the tree to lick up sap from... read more »

Topics & Themes:  photography

Sound Escapes

Welcome to Sound Escapes, a new podcast production from BirdNote.Over his long career, Gordon Hempton has mastered the art of truly listening. He’s known as the Sound Tracker. Some people call him an acoustic ecologist. His recordings and books have made him an international expert on the beauty... read more »

American Coot Feeding Chicks

It floats like a duck, but the American Coot isn't a duck -- it's a member of the rail family. At the beginning of the breeding season, coots build floating platforms in dense aquatic vegetation -- as many as seven, before the female selects the perfect location for her 8 to 12 eggs. Chicks leave... read more »

Topics & Themes:  photography

Great Blue Heron nest - it's getting crowded!

This Great Blue Heron nest is bursting with life! Gregg Thompson took these wonderful photos at a heron colony in Everett, Washington.###All photos are © Gregg Thompson and may not be used without permission. read more »

Topics & Themes:  nesting, photography

Western Sandpiper with Worm

A Western Sandpiper stops on the Washington Coast on a late April morning, and refuels on polychaetes, a type of marine worm, before continuing its migration to the Arctic Circle. Photographer Gregg Thompson noted that the sandpiper had to stand w-a-a-a-y on its tiptoes to pull the long worms out... read more »

Fighting Western Sandpipers

On the Washington Coast early one May, photographer Gregg Thompson witnessed a couple of Western Sandpipers fighting, well away from their Arctic breeding grounds. Western Sandpipers are aggressively territorial, more so than any of the dozen species of related shorebirds that also breed in... read more »

Next Generation 2018 - A Summary

BirdNote: Next Generation 2017-2018Program Summary and Content LinksThe goal of the Next Generation grant program is to promote the adoption of BirdNote resources by educators and to develop new BirdNote content with media producers locally, regionally, and nationally, in order to reach a younger... read more »