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Earth Day

Earth Day 2020 - 50 Years!

Earth Day, the 50th anniversary. On April 22, 1970, deep in the middle of the Vietnam War, we still had concerns for the natural world … cities thick with smog, pesticides taking their toll on birds, rivers on fire. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin had come up with the idea of a national day... read more »

Celebrate the Earth

Celebrate the earth -- from a canyon in the West, where meadowlarks sing … to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, where a pair of Common Loons returns to breed and raise their young and spring peepers sing for mates … to an old-growth hardwood forest in North Carolina, where warblers and vireos... read more »

In Celebration of Earth Day

The populations of some birds have declined dramatically ... more than 80% in the past 40 years. Here are a few: the Northern Bobwhite, the Evening Grosbeak, the Northern Pintail, and the Boreal Chickadee. Common Terns ... like this one ... migrate along both coasts and through the interior to... read more »


Earth Day Celebrates 40 Years

April 22, 2010 -- the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. On Earth Day, we're reminded to honor the earth and preserve the balance of nature. Few things remind us more of the fundamental need to conserve and enjoy nature than the voices of birds - the irreplaceable voices of birds. This Eastern... read more »

Earth Day

Northern Bobwhite ... Evening Grosbeaks ... Boreal Chickadees ... Common Terns ... and Northern Pintails, like this one ... the populations of all are in decline, mostly due to habitat loss. On Earth Day, join those who are finding ways to conserve the natural resources that sustain the full... read more »