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Valentine's Day

Love Among the Pigeons

Edmonds Marina — and love is in the air. Actually, on the dock. Gregg Thompson caught these Rock Pigeons in a very public interlude. Rather than try to describe the action, we'll just let you make up captions for yourselves!###All photos are © Gregg Thompson and may not be used without permission... read more »

Topics & Themes:  behavior

For White-throated Swifts, Love Is in the Air

For some birds, love is in the air. When a pair of White-throated Swifts wants to get to know each other, they meet up — on the wing — high above the ground. The birds grasp one another and, clinging together, tumble downward, for over 500 feet. Just before striking the earth, they separate,... read more »

Topics & Themes:  breeding display

Swans on Valentine's Day

Swans have long exalted the human heart. Among the world's most magnificent creatures, swans inspire us, especially on Valentine's Day. On a lake, an adult pair of swans glides serenely, side by side, a classic symbol of love. And they have earned their reputation for fidelity. Swans mate for... read more »


Valentine Lovebirds

Cupid, a Roman god of love - who often turns up on Valentine cards - is not the only winged being linked to February 14. Medieval Europeans believed that many birds mated on this day, underscoring Valentine's Day's natural link to affection and courtship. The nine species of lovebirds (genus... read more »

Topics & Themes:  breeding display, myth