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A Fascination with Cranes, With George Archibald

George Archibald has devoted his life to the conservation of cranes, including the Whooping Crane pictured here. His inspiration? At the age of eight, George heard a radio broadcast about Whooping Cranes at school. He says, “. . . it was this drama of a male and female crane who’d flown the... read more »


Wood Buffalo National Park - Birthplace of Whooping Cranes

In Canada, where Alberta meets The Northwest Territories, lies Wood Buffalo National Park, where endangered Whooping Cranes dance, nest, and raise their young. It's a "place of superlatives,” says park superintendent Rob Kent. “Visitors can see pristine ecosystems, 5,000 bison, 150-pound wolves,... read more »

Topics & Themes:  ecology

Spruce Grouse - Perfect for the Boreal Forest

In the boreal forest, winter temperatures routinely drop to 30 degrees below zero. Birds that spend the winter in this harsh domain rely on remarkable adaptations to survive. The Spruce Grouse is one such bird. Most Spruce Grouse remain here all year. In the snow-free summer, they forage on the... read more »


A Teacher Made A Difference

Adrian Dorst arrived on Vancouver Island in British Columbia 40 years ago to survey the birds of the Pacific Rim National Park. His photographs helped conserve the Meares Island forest when it was up for logging. [Juvenile Pacific Golden-Plover seen here--] What is it about the people who want to... read more »

Topics & Themes:  birding