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National Environmental Education Foundation

BirdNote partners with the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) to provide a media platform that shines a light on National Public Lands Day.

National Public Lands Day (NPLD), an initiative of the National Education Foundation, is the nation's largest, single-day volunteer event for public lands. Held annually on the fourth Saturday in September, it will be on September 26, 2020. See if there's an event near you!

Find a site to volunteer for National Public Lands Day!

NPLD brings together many thousands of individual and organizational volunteers to help restore the country’s public lands. Volunteers plant trees, remove trash, and build trails across the nation to improve public lands for outdoor recreation. In 2019, more than 150,000 volunteers along with community partners contributed more than 15 million dollars' worth of improvements to over 2,000 public land sites. 

A Sampling of BirdNote Shows Featuring Public Lands


Habitat and the Tipping Point

An interview with Rick Potvin, the manager of the McKinney National Wildlife Refuge on Long Island Sound. Listen >>



Okefenokee Swamp and Prothonotary Warbler

The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge was set aside to protect the fabled Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia and Florida. The Prothonotary Warbler is one of the most striking of the swamp’s denizens. Listen >>



James Swan's Willapa Bay

Learn about what Willapa Bay (now a national refuge) in Washington State looked like in 1852. Listen >>



Teshekpuk Lake in Peril

The wetlands surrounding Teshekpuk Lake are the most important place for molting geese in Arctic Alaska. The 60,000 Black Brant – like this one – represent about 20% of the world’s population. Listen >>



Green Jays and Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Bird life is abundant on the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in southern Texas, including many species found nowhere else in the United States. Listen >>



Red-cockaded Woodpeckers - Sunrise Vigil in the Pines

Red-cockaded Woodpeckers require large, old pines in which to nest. The species depends on mature southern longleaf pine forests. If we want these woodpeckers in our world, then we need to protect these large old pines. Listen >>



Brown-headed Nuthatches of Apalachicola National Forest

Many Brown-headed Nuthatches make their home in the tall longleaf pines of the Apalachicola National Forest in Florida. Now, much of the forest is gone, replaced by dense planted stands of quicker-growing slash pines. Listen >>



The New Jersey Pine Barrens

In southern New Jersey lies a region known as the "Pine Barrens," saved from agricultural use by its sandy, acidic soil. Listen >>



Least Tern Conservation at Bolivar Flats

On the Gulf Coast of Texas, many Least Terns find protection at Bolivar Flats, an Important Bird Area near Galveston. Learn what Houston Audubon and American Bird Conservancy did to help protect the colony. 
Listen >>