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The Bird Is the Word

How many songs about birds can you name?

The songs on this show, in order, are:
* Bird on a Wire, sung by Judy Collins
* Selection from Igor Stravinsky's Firebird Suite
* Selection from Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird
* Selection from the Trashmen's Surfin' Bird.

Thanks to Lori Tingey for her photo of a funky chicken.

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The Bird Is the Word

Written by Todd Peterson

This is BirdNote!

[Judy Collins, from Bird on a Wire]

Like a bird on a wire
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way
To be free.

Birds have inspired music from the sublime to the ridiculous, from classical compositions to garage bands. Can you name this bird-inspired melody? [Selection from Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite]

How about this enduring rock anthem? [Selection from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird]

Did you ever dance the Funky Chicken? And what is the name of this rock-and-roll wonder rivaled only by Louie Louie in the inscrutability of its lyrics?

Bird, bird, bird
The bird is the word
Everybody knows about the bird
Everybody knows that the bird is the word

Special thanks to Judy Collins, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Trashmen for their appearance in today’s show! Oh, and Stravinsky, too. For BirdNote, I’m Michael Stein.


Bird on a Wire, written by Leonard Cohen, sung by Judy Collins, Who Knows Where the Time Goes, Elektra 1968
Finale from The Firebird Suite, Igor Stravinsky; Leonard Bernstein – A Total Embrace: The Conductor, Sony Classical, 1919 version
Free Bird, by Lynyrd Skynyrd from Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd, MCA Records 1973
Surfin’ Bird sung by The Trashmen, from The Bird Is the Word, Sundazed, 1964
BirdNote’s theme music was composed and played by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler.
Producer: John Kessler
Executive Producer: Chris Peterson
© 2015 Tune In to     October 2017     Narrator:  Michael Stein
ID#081007birdwordKPLU music-01c

Michael Stein
Lori Tingey

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