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Denver Holt - It's About People

People are drawn to owls!
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When Denver Holt began his owl research 30 years ago, he was focused on disseminating his findings to the scientific community. Today, he believes that sharing information with both wildlife managers and citizens will make an important difference for owls – including this Long-eared Owl. “In the end, it’s the public who votes; it’s the public you want to interest in conservation,” says Denver. The popularity of owls makes it easier for people of all ages to connect with these magnificent birds – and protect their habitats.

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“It’s not really just about science - it’s about people.”

With Denver Holt 

Written by Todd Peterson

This is BirdNote.

[Call of Eastern Screech-Owl as given by Denver Holt]

Denver Holt, founder and president of the Owl Research Institute in Western Montana, reflects on more than 30 years of field work with the birds he admires:

“I think when I initially started out, it was all about science… and getting papers out there so the …research managers and conservationists…so that it was available to them, to make the decisions they needed to make. And then … as you progress, and you get a little older, you realize, ‘You know, it’s not really just about science, it’s about people!’ And so, we try to get our publications and our information out to the public as well. Because in the end, it’s the public who votes; it’s the public you want to interest in conservation.” 

“And the other thing…with owls … because they’re so high profile and because they’re so admired by so many … people …you can get people to protect owls, …to provide for the conservation of owls, to say, ‘Yeah, let’s protect that habitat because it’s really important to these species of owls!’”

[Call of Boreal Owl as given by Denver Holt]

To learn about opportunities to participate in the work of the Owl Research Institute, begin at And by the way, that’s Denver making the calls of Boreal and Eastern Screech-Owls!

[Call of Eastern Screech-Owl as given by Denver Holt]


Bird sounds provided by Denver Holt: “Hoots, Toots, Calls, Clacks and Hisses” Produced by the Owl Research Institute, John Boyle Executive Producer.  Used with permission from Denver Holt.  Owl Research Institute, P.O. Box 39, Charlo, Montana  59824.  

BirdNote's theme music was composed and played by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler.

Producer: John Kessler

Executive Producer: Chris Peterson

© 2013 Tune In to  March 2013  Narrator: Michael Stein

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