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Jay and Martin

Birds can be a lot of fun!

Just for a LARK, MARTIN and JAY decided to have a SWALLOW. MARTIN's car, a FALCON, was low on PETREL, so he said, "Let's DUCK into a local tavern - TERN here." They had to show IDs at the door, to prove they weren't TANAGERS. MARTIN and JAY met some cute GULLS - PHOEBE, a RAVEN-haired CHICK, and another named ROBIN. We could go on and on, but you'd probably EGRET it...

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Jay and Martin

Written by John Kessler and Frank Corrado

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This is BirdNote!
Just for a LARK, I met my pals MARTIN and JAY, and we decided to have a SWALLOW.
My car, a FALCON, was low on PETREL, so I said, “Let's DUCK into a local tavern—TERN here.”
We had to show IDs at the door – I guess they thought we might be TANAGERS.
By chance a band was playing– the EAGLES. And pretty soon we met some cute GULLS.
JAY had his eye on PHOEBE, a RAVEN-haired CHICK. He was watching her like a HAWK, but MARTIN started to CROW over a CHICK named ROBIN, causing JAY to CRANE his neck in SWIFT curiosity. This made PHOEBE PUFFIN mad and she STORKED out in a GROUSE, leaving JAY to OWL in BITTERN discontent.
 Maybe things didn’t work out as we expected, but I have no EGRETS.
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Bird sounds provided by The Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. (Recordists listed below)

Producer: John Kessler

Executive Producer: Chris Peterson

© 2005-2016 Tune In to      December 2016       Narrator: Michael Stein

#120905punKPLU    language-03b      

Recordists for individual audio samples are as follows:

1 Western Meadowlark, W.R. Fish

2 Purple Martin, G.A. Keller

3 Steller’s Jay, C.A. Sutherland

4 Barn Swallow, R.S. Little

5 Gyrfalcon,  A.L. Priori

6 Leach’s Storm-Petrel, V. Korb / K.M. Howell

7 Mallard,  A.A. Allen
8 Caspian Tern, R.S. Little

9 Western Tanager, G.A. Keller

10 Bald Eagle,  J. Storm

11 Glaucous-winged Gulls, A.A. Allen

12 Say’s Phoebe, G.A. Keller

13 Common Raven, R.S. Little

14 Canada Goose gosling, A.L. Priori

15 Red-tailed Hawk, L.J. Peyton

16 American Crow, G.A. Keller

17 American Robin, W.L. Hershberger

18 Sandhill Crane, G.A. Keller

19 Tufted Puffin, E.S. Booth

20 Great Blue Heron, C.A. Sutherland

21 Sharp-tailed Grouse, G.A. Keller

22 American Bittern, S.R. Pantle

23 Snowy Egret, W.W.H. Gunn

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