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Shows for Educators by Topic

learn Birds greenboardYou'll find BirdNote stories for students in the list below, ordered by topic with suggested K-12 grade level.

    K+ for kindergarten and above
    3+ for third grade and above
    6+ for sixth grade and above

These are suggestions only. We encourage teachers to determine the appropriateness of each story for their students

Baby Birds

K+  Baby Bald Eagles: It takes an eagle a long time to grow up!
K+  Baby Birds Move Out of the Nest:  But they’re still pretty clueless and clumsy!
K+  How Nestlings Leave the Nest:  From tiny steps to big leaps!
K+  Great Horned Owl – Hungry Young: Hungry.... and noisy, too!
K+  California Quail, Up and Running:  “Precocial” chicks are up and away!
K+  Do Parrots Name Their Chicks?  A different kind of “name tag”
K+  Chickadees Clean Up After the Youngsters: A simple solution ...
K+  Robins Raise a Brood - In a Hurry: A whirlwind of family activity, again and again
K+  Jacana - Lily-trotter: Those long toes are made for walkin’
3+  Sandgrouse – Desert Water Carriers: An incredible adaptation ...

Birds and People

K+  Highways as Habitat for Hawks:  Accidental gifts from the age of the automobile
K+  A Building Manager Shows the Way:  Lights Out protects birds and saves energy
3+  If It Weren’t For Birds:  What would the world be like without birds?
3+  Purple Martins Change Their Habits: A shift in response to human influence
3+  Crows Recognize Individual Faces:  The work of John Marzluff
3+  Finding Your Way Home: Birds convey important messages if we are attuned
6+  How Humans Effect Competition Among Birds:  “A potent selective force on birds...”
6+  The Ten Commandments of Subirdia:  Tips for a happy coexistence with birds
6+  Wetland Birds Thrive:  Human action helps improve the world for birds!

Bird Songs and Calls

K+  Voices and Vocabularies - Great Horned Owls:  Listen ...
K+  Singing Like a Bird and Feeling Good:  Belt it out!
K+  Birds Talk, People Squawk! Sparky, the famous talking budgerigar!    
K+  Silly Willow Ptarmigan:  Hard not to smile when you hear this bird!    
K+  Turkey Calling - Real or Unreal:  Can you tell which is which?    
K+  Saw-whet Owls Hoot and Hoot: They kept the neighbors up all night!
K+  Birds That Say Their Own Names:  Sometimes they say it over and over!
K+  Laughing Kookaburra:  It sounds like a jungle out there!
3+  Raven’s Love Song: These gruff birds have a softer side

Citizen Science

3+  Radar Ornithology with Dr. Cliff Mass: Millions of birds are on the move!
3+  Annual Great Backyard Bird Count: Who's out there?
3+  The COASST Program - Interview with Julia Parrish: Coastal observation ...
3+  Backyard Bird Science: You don't have to have a PhD to get involved ...
3+  Christmas Bird Count:  Put on your parka and binoculars and go!


K+  Egg Laying 101
K+  From Egg-Laying to Hatching and Beyond: Eggs are serious business
K+  How Many Eggs to Lay? One flicker laid 71 eggs in 73 days
K+  Walking on Eggshells:  Just how fragile are they?
3+  The Secret Stash of Eggshells:  She gets calcium from her legbones


3+  Northern Hawk Owl: The only living member of its genus
3+  The Superbly Adapted Osprey: A species unique among raptors
3+  Woodpeckers and Forest Fires: What's the connection?
3+  How Evolution Works: Why some thrushes migrate twice the distance as others
6+  Suburbs, Juncos, and Evolution: Humans put birds under intense natural selection ...
6+  Birds Are Evolving Rapidly Today: Changes are occurring all around us!

Fun Bird Facts

K+    Where Birds Sleep:  In nests? Not for long!
K+    Common Murres - Nature’s Laugh Track: Sounds ring from a sea cliff!
K+    Consider the Ostrich: Do they really stick their heads in the sand?
3+    Wishbones and Dinosaurs: The wishbone dates back more than 150 million years


K+  Father Birds: Happy Father’s Day from BirdNote!
K+  Mother Birds: In honor of Mother’s Day!
K+  The Day of the Turkey: Happy Thanksgiving from BirdNote!
K+  How the Turkey Got Its Name
K+  Valentine Lovebirds: A symbol of enduring love...
3+  Christmas Bird Count for Kids - with Tom Rusert:  Make this a family tradition!
6+  Pirates and Parrots: Ahoy, Matey! September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day!


K+  A Rufous in the Rain:  Rain or shine, baby hummingbirds need to eat!
K+  Ruby-throated Hummingbird:  The hummingbird of the eastern states is back!
K+  Why a Gorget Glitters:  Like a tiny knight in shining armor!
K+  Decibels per Gram: Sometimes the smaller the bird, the bigger the voice
K+  Spider Silk - Duct Tape for Birds Nests: A flexible, resilient material ...
3+  Western Hummingbirds - East: Why is this colorful explosion happening now?
3+  Banding Hummingbirds: Delicate work!
3+  Hummingbird Migration Myths: On the wings of a goose?
3+  Alex Chadwick in Big Bend: Banding Hummingbirds
6+  Hummingbirds by a Hair: A striking image


K+  Big Bird - America’s Favorite Flightless Bird: Everyone knows this bird’s song
K+  The Crow and the Gull:  What’s that crafty bird up to?
K+  Singing Like a Bird and Feeling Good:  Belt it out!
K+  Angry Birds:  What are these birds, and why are they so angry?
K+  Waxwing Nightlight: Do Bohemian Waxwings glow in the dark?
K+  Bird Songs Go to Hollywood: What are all those exotic sounds?
K+  Yogi Berra’s Wit and Wisdom:  “Little things are big”
K+  “You Need a Mister!” A water mister, that is!
K+  Alex Chadwick in Big Bend - The Roadrunner
K+  The Bushtit vs. Elastic:  One determined little bird!
3+  Crows and Chips:  This crow couldn’t eat just one!
3+  Precious Poop:  Wars were fought over it!
3+  Silly Willow Ptarmigan:  Hard not to smile when you hear this bird!
3+  Acorn Woodpecker:  The true inspiration for Woody!
6+  Birds on the Menu:  Order up! No “eating like a bird” at this diner!
6+  Donald Duck:  The duck in the sailor suit
6+  Tweety Bird:  Twitiavis superciliosis
For more funny BirdNote shows, you can search our archive by topic, under “humor.”


K+  Migration: Innate or Learned? How do these birds know where to go?
3+  Migration - Long, Short and In-Between: And who flies the farthest?
3+  Hummingbird Migration Myths: On the wings of a goose?
3+  Migration to the New World: Perhaps birds lead the First Americans to a new land...
6+  How Young Birds Migrate: Young sandpipers find their way on their own!
6+  How Shorebirds Find Their Way: One of the wonders of migration!
6+  Nocturnal Migration of Songbirds: Hear the sounds overhead?
6+  Navigating by Earth's Magnetic Field: How do they know where to go?
6+  Shorebirds - Masters of Long-Distance Migration: The same routes, year after year
6+  Long-Distance Migration Takes Fuel and Water: It’s a balancing act
6+  Long-Distance Champions of Migration: Arctic Terns defend their title!


K+  Why the Crow Is Black
K+  Raven and the Sun, A Myth: How Raven stole the sun and placed it in the sky
K+  How Raven Made the Tide: Those clever ravens!
K+  Raven and the Winding River: No surprise - the raven gets his way!
K+  The Crane Wife: The sad tale of a Japanese crane . . .
3+  The Folklore of Owls
3+  Myth of the Thunderbird: What kind of bird was it, exactly? ...
3+  Why Robin Has a Red Breast: According to the Suquamish myth...
3+  How the Steller's Jay Got Its Crest: Northwest Coastal native story
3+  The Nightingale: A beautiful song in the green wood
6+  Cygnus the Swan: From Greek mythology


K+  Rufous Hummingbirds’ Marvelous Nest: The secret is . . . spider webs!
K+  Are Birds Nests Reused?  It depends on the species
K+  Heron Nest - Start with One Stick: Construction begins late winter ...
K+  Raptor Breeding:  Why do they nest so early?
K+  Tree Swallows and Feathers:  Is it play? Probably competition!
K+  Woodpeckers Carve Out Roost Cavities: Excavation time - again!
K+  Nest Cavities - Book Early: Competition is fierce!
K+  Choosing Where to Nest:  Location, location, location!
3+  Trogons Nest with Wasps:  A nest few predators would dare disturb!
3+  Woodpeckers as Keystone Species: How woodpeckers benefit many other birds
3+  Birds, Nests, and Camouflage: Blending in to the environment ...
3+  The Great Horned Owl Nest: What’s happening in March?
3+  Great Horned Owls Nest: Why is it these owls nest in winter?


K+  Superstorm Sandy's Effects on Birds and Habitat: How do birds fare?
K+  Hurricanes and Birds: Given time, bird populations are resilient!
K+  Burrowing Snowbirds: Turns out snow is a good insulator
K+  Ospreys Weather the Storm: How can birds survive such severe weather?
3+  White Ibis’s Tricky Nesting Schedule: It all depends on the weather!
6+  A Northern Gannet Meets Superstorm Sandy: A bird with a transmitter!

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