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Yellow-breasted Chat (Icteria virens)

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Night Singers

A bird like the Whip-poor-will is a true night bird – feeding, and mating, and nesting in the dark. But for about a week each spring, male Yellow-breasted Chats also sing in the darkness as they call out to the arriving females — their potential mates. read more »

Topics & Themes:  vocalization

The Loquacious Chat

In summer, the thick tangles of streamside vegetation in many canyons echo with an uncanny sound — the Yellow-breasted Chat. You may find it in willow thickets, brushy tangles, and other dense, understory habitats, usually at low to medium elevations around streams. The male Yellow-breasted Chat... read more »


The Land Between the Lakes

We’re at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, just 50 miles northwest of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s this massive inland peninsula, bordered by sections of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. It’s a sneak peek of Sound Escapes, our new podcast series.This show is made possible by... read more »