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Oriole Nests - Avian Works of Art

The nest of nests, the ideal nest, is unquestionably that of the Baltimore Oriole.

        ~ John Burroughs

Maybe. But all the orioles found in the United States – nine species in all – have pretty cool nests. Check these out!

Baltimore Oriole
L-R: Baltimore Oriole nest, Mike Lyncheski FCC; male Baltimore Oriole, David Brezinski FCC; female Baltimore Oriole, Dave Menke FCC

Bullock's Oriole

L-R: Bullock's Oriole nest © Mike Hamilton; male Bullock's Oriole © Tom Grey; female Bullock's Oriole © Mike Hamilton

Orchard Oriole
L-R: Orchard Oriole nest, Henry T. McLin FCC; male Orchard Oriole, HJHipster FCC; female Orchard Oriole © Joanne Kamo

Altamira Oriole

L-R: Altamira Oriole nest © James Prudente; male Altamira Oriole © Tom Grey; female Altamira Oriole © Will Joudrey

Scott's Oriole
L-R: male Scott's Oriole © Tom Grey; female Scott's Oriole © Tom Grey

Hooded Oriole
L-R: male Hooded Oriole © Tom Grey; female Hooded Oriole © Tom Grey


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