Image: The Ultimate Bird Drawing Throwdown Showdown Graphic featuring images of David Sibley and H. Jon Benjamin

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Shows With Contributions by Ed Ricciuti

A Sandhill Crane flaps its wings while flying low over a grassland

Sandhill Cranes Are Expanding Their Range

In some parts of North America, Sandhill Cranes are common as ants at a picnic. In New England, on the other hand, they’ve been almost as rare as pterodactyls — until relatively recently! Birders began reporting cranes scattered throughout the region. When a Sandhill Crane chick hatched in…
An Andean Condor, wings outspread, soaring with misty clouds and mountain range in the background.

Andean Condors Soar for Hours Without Flapping

In the blue skies over the Andes Mountains, Andean Condors look majestic, with a ten-foot wingspan. While flying, according to researchers from Argentina and the UK, Andean Condors only flap one percent of the time. One bird was tracked for more than 100 miles over five flapless hours.
A Cassin's Kingbird taking off from a branch against a blue sky

Kingbirds Steal from Wasps

Kingbirds are robin-sized flycatchers that excel at plucking insects from the air. They’ll even tackle prey as big as cicadas. Finding naturally-camouflaged cicadas hidden among the leaves is hard work. But two species of kingbirds in Arizona found a shortcut — stealing them from cicada…