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Adrian Dorst

Adrian Dorst is known to many Canadians for his photographic portrayal of wilderness and wildlife. In the past two decades his work has appeared in numerous magazines in Canada, the US, and Europe, among them International Wildlife, BBC Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, Sierra, Geo.

His photos have also been published in over 50 books, three of them for which he was the sole photographer. Two of those, Hiking with Ghosts and Paddling through Time, were published by Raincoast Books. Clayoquot On the Wild Side, was published by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee in 1990. This book, show-casing a collection of 144 of his most evocative images portraying the splendour of wilderness in Clayoquot Sound and the west coast, became a best seller. His latest book is called, Reflections at Sandhill Creek; Meditations on the Wild West Coast, published by Harbour Publishing.

His photographs have also appeared as calendars and environmental posters. Most BC residents will remember two of his most popular poster images, one of giant, moss-covered trees in Carmanah Valley, published by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, and a poster of a spy-hopping orca by the Sierra Club of Western Canada.

Adrian Dorst has lived in the village of Tofino, on Vancouver Island, since 1972.