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Mia McPherson

Mia McPherson is a nature lover, wildlife watcher, and bird photographer. Birds fascinate, delight, and intrigue her, which is why she devotes many hours to learning about them, observing their behavior, and taking photographs of them. As she says, it makes perfect sense that the more you know about each species, the better the chances for creating wonderful images of the birds, because you can anticipate what they might do next.
Mia enjoys sharing her photos, photographic skills, and techniques with those individuals who are serious about their own avian photography. She has a great amount of fun while photographing birds and yet she can still be serious about her efforts.
She is self taught and has never attended a photo workshop other than the ones she has given. She explains that she also became efficient at self critique by removing herself emotionally from the images she created and evaluating why they work and why they don’t. As Mia says, “I’m able to learn from my mistakes. I feel that is very important, even critical, for my growth as a photographer.”