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Sallie Bodie

Executive Director
Sallie has worked with public broadcasting and nonprofit programming including the Smithsonian, the Corcoran Gallery, National Public Radio, and the Seattle Symphony. While with NPR, Sallie received the following awards:
For the Class of 2000: The Prejudice Puzzle
- Gold Award for Community Service, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
- Advancement in Learning through Broadcasting, The National Education Association
For the Class of 2000: Family Stories
- Angel Silver Award, Angel Awards
- The New York Festivals, Bronze Award, International Radio Programs/Promotion
For The Great Divide: Affirmative Action in America
- Award for Public Service in Radio Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi
- The Silver Gavel Award, The American Bar Association
For NPR's Wade in the Water
- Creativity 94, Certificate of Distinction for Creative Achievement: Illustration