Image: The Ultimate Bird Drawing Throwdown Showdown Graphic featuring images of David Sibley and H. Jon Benjamin

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6 Feeder Birds — Intimate View

© seahue

FINALLY! Notice how the goldfinch is very respectable towards the junco and other birds...I notice during storms birds who normally fight or hog the feeder are much more kind....normally the goldfinch will stay at the feeder until he/she has her fill. You will see here the goldfinch jumping off and waiting nearby so the other birds can eat some.

The dark eyed junco is a ground feeder and rarely will go near my window feeder. This junco has been coming up to the branches of my window feeder and observing the other birds for a week now....jumping from branch to branch..getting to know the local birds....FINALLY he/she figures out how to eat from a window feeder:) Published on Feb 10, 2013