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Canada Jay (Perisoreus canadensis)

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Canada Jay - Picnic Bird

Often called the Camp Robber or Whiskey Jack, the mountain-dwelling Canada Jay will crash a picnic faster than hungry ants. The robber escapes with edible tidbits and caches them in trees with its sticky saliva, reclaiming its stored food in the cold, snowy winter. The nickname "Whiskey Jack"... read more »


Gray Jays

While camping in the mountains, you might see this Gray Jay, boldly swooping into your camp. This handsome jay’s big, black eyes seem to miss nothing — especially food. But the one food Gray Jays don’t eat is conifer seeds. The jays hide other food in conifer needles and tuck it under the bark of... read more »

Topics & Themes:  nesting

The American Ornithological Society officially changed the name of the Gray Jay back to Canada Jay in 2018.