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The BirdNote Story

BirdNote is the product and vision of a passionate group of individuals dedicated to birds and the environment. This collaboration blends art, science, hard work, and dedication to bring each story to life.

History – How it all began

BirdNote began in 2004 as a project under the auspices of Seattle Audubon. To bring BirdNote to life, Chris Peterson, Executive Director of Seattle Audubon, gathered a team. Writers began to craft compelling stories about the intriguing ways of birds, ornithological advisors ensured scientific accuracy, and dedicated staff, volunteers, and contractors helped form the final professional product. 

Advisors from Western Washington NPR affiliate KPLU 88.5FM (now KNKX 88.5FM), along with Seattle-area benefactors, helped make the idea a reality and brought BirdNote to the airwaves in February 2005.


Expansion – Spreading our wings, and our reach

With its success in the Puget Sound region, BirdNote explored the possibility of expanding throughout the western flyway and beyond. In 2006, Seattle Audubon made the decision to fledge BirdNote as a separate organization, free to pursue a focused creative effort. That nonprofit is known as Tune In to On its seventh anniversary in February, 2012, BirdNote had expanded to nearly 200 public radio stations across the country. – The website, companion to the radio series, offers resources to dig deeper into the world of birds, birding, and conservation. We encourage you to learn more, share what you know, and what you’ve seen. Get in touch!

(Special thanks to the Lufkin Family Foundation and the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation, for the 2012 upgrade to the site!)


Accountability – Where the money comes from, and where it goes

And how we do we sustain the program? Through the careful use of funds donated by BirdNote benefactors, including individuals, groups, and foundations – supporters who give generously to bring the world of birds to you. 

Here’s a snapshot of our revenue and expenses.