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Black Birders Week

“I thought it would be pretty cool to be this bird because it can wear a hood and not be threatened or persecuted or profiled for wearing it. It can be perfectly at home where it is being who it is, without, in my mind, worrying about being a bird. It’s fully being itself in its habitat now.”

-Dr. J. Drew Lanham, interviewed in Vanity Fair

Black Birders Week and Beyond

BirdNote salutes Corina Newsome and co-organizers of the first #BlackBirdersWeek for raising awareness of the racism experienced by black birders — and encouraging diversity in birding and conservation. “Diversity is important for the robustness of any community trying to do anything,” she says in an interview with Audubon.

Corina invites everyone to "show the world, especially the next generation of young black birders and nature enthusiasts, that we exist, that they are welcome, and that this space belongs to them, too.”

Take some time to explore the dialogue that emerged during Black Birders Week, and let's work for change.

Birding While Black: A Candid Conversation

If you missed these discussions with young black birdwatchers and special guests Christian Cooper and J. Drew Lanham, we encourage you to listen now:

Session 1

Session 2

Read the Twitter posts with these hashtags:






For the latest #BlackBirdersWeek news, follow @BlackAFinSTEM on Twitter.

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Birding While Black

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Hooded Warbler © Greg Lavaty
Dr. J. Drew Lanham © Alexis Lanham