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Travel to Panama – With BirdNote

It was a great trip in September, 2016 - BirdNote teamed up with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours to escape to paradise in Panama – one of the premier destinations for birding and adventure in the Neotropics.


  •     The dawn chorus from the Canopy Tower above the treetops in the Soberanía National Park.
  •     Watch Rufous Motmots, Tawny-capped and Thick-billed Euphonias, Red-legged and Green Honeycreepers, and many, many other birds flock to the verdant forests and gardens of El Valle.
  •     Swoop through the tropical canopy on zip-lines (optional).
  •     Travel by canoe up the Chagres River to the Embera Drua Indian village.
  •     Hike into the foothills of Cerro Azul.
  •     Steam through the locks of the Panama Canal.
  •     Visit Frank Gehry's world-famous Biomuseo.
  •     And delight in the cultural riches of Panama City's Casco Viejo or “Old Town.”

Enjoy exceptional birding and culture, build friendships to last a lifetime, and support BirdNote in the process! A portion of proceeds go toward the support of BirdNote’s programs.

See all the tour details here.


Sloth - Sean Kite FCC
Red-legged Honeycreeper - Patty McGann FCC
Casco Viejo - Loko de Atar FCC

Crowned Woodnymph, Courtesy of Patty McGann, via Creative Commons

Collared Aracari - George Chapman CC nc/2.0


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