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Next Generation

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Media Education Programming

Each year, BirdNote Next Generation awards grants to three to four environmental education programs to incorporate BirdNote media into their curricula. BirdNote also contracts with three to four media producers each year to create new media about, by, and for young listeners.

The 2018 environmental education grantees are:

For the Birds! / Audubon New York, New York, NY
Martin Sortun Elementary School, Kent, WA
NatureBridge, Golden Gate Park, CA
Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Kingsville, TX

Each grantee proposed creative ways to incorporate BirdNote into their programs, and all prioritize diversity and inclusion in their work. BirdNote will share the new curricula they develop as “open source” material freely available to educators across the country.

Audubon NY’s For the Birds! is using BirdNote stories to support bird-related STEM projects in schools. These include student podcasts, citizen-science projects, and stewardship projects. By the end of the program, students will produce their own stories that can be shared on BirdNote’s educators’ resource page and on social media.

Martin Sortun Elementary School, WA, is using BirdNote resources to support a project-based learning opportunity focused on native Washington birds found in and around Clark Lake Park. The project will increase students’ scientific knowledge, inform the community, and support conservation efforts, habitat protection and rehabilitation, and environmental and social justice programs.

NatureBridge, Golden Gate National Park, CA, will integrate BirdNote stories and resources on their campus, as well as in students’ home classrooms. Their intent is to revise the curriculum through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion; to better align their bird-focused curriculum to Next Generation Science Standards; and to create a new citizen-science project.

Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, TX, will use BirdNote stories, blogs, and podcasts to develop new bird‐focused state and national science standard‐aligned curricula as components of their existing Wild Bird Conservation curriculum.

Special thanks to the Falconer Family of Seattle, the Bobolink Foundation, the Treeline Foundation, and the Peg and Rick Young Foundation for their targeted support of BirdNote: Next Generation.