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Birds connect us with the joy and wonder of nature. By telling vivid, sound-rich stories about birds and the challenges they face, BirdNote inspires listeners to care about the natural world – and takes step to protect it.

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Shows With Contributions by Ari Daniel

Threatened episode artwork for "The Scientific name Doesn't Do It Justice"

The Scientific Name Doesn’t Do It Justice

Birds have their common English name and a name in the languages of all the places they might fly through. And then they have their Latin name, which is their taxonomic name, the one scientists use. In this episode, we learn about a decades-long effort in Puerto Rico to change San Pedrito…
Black-whiskered Vireo also known as "Julián Chiví" facing the viewer and looking to its left

Singing for Julián Chiví

In the 1980s, mining companies made plans for huge open-pit mines in the mountains of Puerto Rico. An organization called Casa Pueblo successfully campaigned to make open-pit mining illegal in Puerto Rico. Since then, Casa Pueblo has continued to hold cultural events in the town of…
The Threatened en Español artwork for "El nombre científico no le hace justicia"

El nombre científico no le hace justicia

Las aves tienen su nombre común en español y un nombre en los idiomas de todos los lugares por los que pueden volar. Y luego tienen su nombre en latín, que es su nombre taxonómico, el que usan los científicos. En este episodio aprendemos sobre un esfuerzo de décadas en Puerto Rico para…
An illustration of a Black-whiskered Vireo, with the text: "Protecting a Bird and Ourselves"

Protecting a Bird and Ourselves

How do you organize a group of people to protect a bird from powerful forces? The Julián Chiví, or Black-whiskered Vireo, reveals a story of a community banding together to save a species, its environment, and ultimately, the people themselves. The organizers in Puerto Rico decided to go…
Illustration for Threatened en Español: Protegiendo a un ave y a nosotros mismos

Protegiendo a un ave y a nosotros mismos

¿Cómo organizas a un grupo de personas para proteger a un pájaro de fuerzas poderosas? El Julián Chiví, o Vireo de bigotes negros, revela la historia de una comunidad que se une para salvar a una especie, su medio ambiente y, en última instancia, a las personas mismas. Los organizadores…
The artwork for Threatened en Español episode 1

El retorno de la cotorra puertorriqueña

En el estreno de la temporada viajamos a Puerto Rico para conocer a un ave que ha sobrevivido a la deforestación, a los huracanes y al comercio de mascotas exóticas. La cotorra puertorriqueña vio disminuir sus números a casi cero en un punto. Pero hoy, su población está creciendo y…
An illustration of a Puerto Rican Parrot with the text "The Puerto Rican Parrot Comeback"

The Puerto Rican Parrot Comeback

In the season premiere, we travel to Puerto Rico to meet a bird that has survived deforestation, hurricanes and the exotic pet trade. The Puerto Rican parrot saw its numbers drop to almost zero at one point. But today, its population is growing and stabilizing. To achieve this, the people…
Puerto Rican Parrot showing green head, pale beak, and white eye ring

Saving the Puerto Rican Parrot

In 2017, Hurricane Maria tore through the island, causing widespread destruction for both people and for birds. The critically endangered Puerto Rican Parrot was devastated by the storm when they lost their food sources. However, the Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Program helped save the…
Wildlife biologist Charlotte Forbes Perry kneels at the entrance to a petrel nest inside one of the lava tubes in the lava fields of Mauna Loa

Protecting Petrels that Live on a Volcano

The ‘Ua’u or Hawaiian Petrel is an endangered species once thought extinct or nearly so. But in recent decades, biologists have relocated some of their well-hidden nests — such as underneath the lava fields of Mauna Loa, an active volcano. Areas where the lava has long since cooled have…
A dark brown to black bird with dark brown eye faces the viewer while perched on a branch, and looks to its right. Its pointed beak has rictal bristles at the base.

Raising the Clever ‘Alalā

The ‘Alalā is a crow species that only lives on Hawai’i. In the 1990s, the species was on the verge of extinction. So biologists decided to raise ‘Alalā in captivity, aiming to release them once the captive population was big enough. But these intelligent birds have to learn many skills to…