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Shows With Contributions by Tenijah Hamilton

A small brown bird with white and brown spotted chest is singing, standing on a branch surrounded by greenery

Bill McKibben on Leaving Behind a Better World

Writer and environmentalist Bill McKibben has been pushing for climate solutions for decades. Now in his 60s, Bill’s working to organize people aged 60 and older with his new group called Third Act, to leave behind a better world for their loved ones.
A graphic with the Bring Birds Back artwork on the right side and a photo of Bill McKibben on the left side.

On Time, Age and Climate Change with Bill McKibben

This season has been all about the mutual impact birds, humans and nature have on each other. To close it out, Bill McKibben joins us for an honest chat about the future of this dynamic, which inevitably includes the planet Earth. His book debut, “The End of Nature,” first sounded the…
Episode promotional graphic for Bring Birds Back: Reimagining Prison Pt. 2: Rehabilitating Butterflies and Minds featuring the podcast artwork and headshot of guests, Mary Linders, Kelli Bush, and Ray Dunning from left to right.

Reimagining Prison Pt. 2: Rehabilitating Butterflies and Minds

This is part two of our series on the Sustainability in Prisons Project. We encourage you to listen to Part 1 before listening to this episode. Tenijah learns all about Sustainability in Prisons Project’s most successful program to date: rehabilitating the federally endangered Taylor’s…
Nature photographer and author Dudley Edmondson holding a camera and looking toward the viewer while standing amidst a grove of trees

Dudley Edmondson on Black Outdoor Role Models

As a kid in Columbus, Ohio, Dudley Edmondson came to love being outside, despite having few outdoor role models who looked like him. As he progressed in his career as a nature photographer in Minnesota, Dudley wanted to show the next generation of Black nature enthusiasts that there are…
A woman in a red shirt stands inside a glassed in greenhouse, and is handling a clear plastic container of caterpillars.

Incarcerated Women Helping Raise Butterflies

This spring, Bring Birds Back host Tenijah Hamilton traveled to Washington state to meet up with incarcerated women who are part of the Sustainability in Prisons Project. They’re helping raise the caterpillars of endangered butterflies to release in the wild. A double episode of Bring…
A graphic with the Bring Birds Back artwork on the right side and a photo of Lauren Kuehne

Reimagining Prison Pt. 1: Acoustic Birding and Sustainability

The American prison system is complex and there are so many reasons as to why and how it could be improved. For nearly two decades, the Sustainability in Prisons Project (a collaboration between Evergreen State College and Washington state’s Department of Corrections) has been doing just…
A graphic with the Bring Birds Back artwork on the right side and a photo of Dudley Edmondson on the left side.

Finding Belonging in the Great Outdoors

Nature author, photographer and self-taught birder Dudley Edmondson shares how embracing the great outdoors as a child changed his life for the better. With over 30 years of experience, Dudley has dedicated much of his career encouraging Black and Brown people, especially, to venture into…
Artwork for episode 4 Bring Birds Back, featuring a photo of Isaiah Scott and an illustration of Tenijah Hamilton

Let’s All Go to Gullah Geechee Sea Islands with Isaiah Scott

This episode’s guest may be too young to remember the 90’s children’s show, Gullah Gullah Island, but he’s certainly influencing the next generation the same! Isaiah Scott, a rising Gen-Z bird-influencer and ornithologist, reconnects with Tenijah to dish all about his journey into birding…
Artwork for episode 3 Bring Birds Back, featuring a photo of Tony Suffredini and an illustration of Tenijah Hamilton

No Birds Were Harmed in the Making of this Podcast

Childhood nostalgia, anyone? Tenijah reminisces about her favorite bird moment in a film and learns all about how it came to be! Our guest this episode is Tony Suffredini, a bird trainer and master falconer, but the real stars are all Hollywood trained professionals – his birds! Tony…
Adult Bald Eagle flying with wings outstretched, with partly cloudy sky behind it

Making Wind Farms Safer for Birds

Climate change poses a big threat to all life on earth, and birds are no exception. Garry George is the director of the Clean Energy Initiative for the National Audubon Society, and he says that wind turbines are essential to meet our carbon reduction goals. But they can also kill birds…