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Birds connect us with the joy and wonder of nature. By telling vivid, sound-rich stories about birds and the challenges they face, BirdNote inspires listeners to care about the natural world – and takes step to protect it.

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Shows With Contributions by Viento de Agua

An illustration of a Black-necked stilt. It's has a white underside and a black top. The text under it reads "An Unusual Place to Eat and Rest"

An Unusual Place to Eat and Rest

In Puerto Rico, there is an area of saline lagoons, salt flats and mangrove swamps where humans have extracted salt for over 500 years. We often describe the effects of human activity on the environment as negative. But the migratory birds that eat and rest in one of the most visited…
"Un Lugar Inusual Para Comer y Descansar"

Un lugar inusual para comer y descansar

En Puerto Rico hay un área de lagunas salinas, salinas y manglares donde los humanos han extraído sal por más de 500 años. Por lo general, describimos el efecto de la actividad humana sobre el medio ambiente como negativo. Pero las aves migratorias que comen y descansan en uno de los…
Threatened episode artwork for "The Scientific name Doesn't Do It Justice"

The Scientific Name Doesn’t Do It Justice

Birds have their common English name and a name in the languages of all the places they might fly through. And then they have their Latin name, which is their taxonomic name, the one scientists use. In this episode, we learn about a decades-long effort in Puerto Rico to change San Pedrito…
The Threatened en Español artwork for "El nombre científico no le hace justicia"

El nombre científico no le hace justicia

Las aves tienen su nombre común en español y un nombre en los idiomas de todos los lugares por los que pueden volar. Y luego tienen su nombre en latín, que es su nombre taxonómico, el que usan los científicos. En este episodio aprendemos sobre un esfuerzo de décadas en Puerto Rico para…
An illustration of a Black-whiskered Vireo, with the text: "Protecting a Bird and Ourselves"

Protecting a Bird and Ourselves

How do you organize a group of people to protect a bird from powerful forces? The Julián Chiví, or Black-whiskered Vireo, reveals a story of a community banding together to save a species, its environment, and ultimately, the people themselves. The organizers in Puerto Rico decided to go…