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Shows With Contributions by Jonese Franklin

About a dozen photographers line up on a beach at sunrise to capture photos of birds

Birding 101: Learning How to Strike Out

When you go birding, sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and there are more species than you can count. Other times, not so lucky. Striking out when looking for birds is frustrating. But a bad day of birding can teach you a lot. Try doing some research into the conditions…
Smartphone lays face up with cables and headset connected

An App That Helps You Hear High-Pitched Bird Songs

For years, nature recordist Lang Elliott came up with clever ways to hear high-pitched bird songs despite his high-frequency hearing loss. Lang teamed up with a programmer to develop an app called Hear Birds Again. Currently it’s only available for iPhones, but it’s able to take high-pitch…
A Painted Bunting perches with head turned to the left

Observe First, Photograph Second

When Day Scott teaches people how to take pictures of birds, she emphasizes observing birds carefully before picking up the camera. Sometimes that means choosing whether or not to even attempt a photo. In this episode, Day shares a story about choosing whether or not to try and photograph…
Bring Birds Back Podcast art

A Will and a Wildway

Have you ever worried you’d hit a wild animal while driving down a highway or country road? In this special season closer, we learn about a new and promising future for wildlife and battered cars: wildways. As technology and development continue to expand, infrastructure and fragmentation…
Bring Birds Back Podcast art

Stone-Cold Hydrilla

25 years ago, a mysterious cause of eagle and osprey deaths plagued a small town in Arkansas. And in this special episode, we get to the root of it all: small unassuming weeds, also known as invasive aquatic species. In conversation with aquatic plant experts Stacy Holt Jr. and Greg Bugbee…
Yellow-rumped Warbler stands on branch

Birding 101: Bird Vocab Basics

Any hobby or special interest has its own jargon. You’ll pick up on the silly slang that birders use as you go – like calling the Yellow-rumped Warbler “butterbutt.” Still, learning a few basics of bird vocab is useful when you’re starting out. It’ll help you ask better questions when you…
Bring Birds Back Podcast art

Your River’s Keeper

Water is essential for life, but how much do you know about the health of your local water supply? In this special episode, we speak with two Riverkeepers who explain the importance of water quality monitoring for every living organism, from humans to birds. John Lipscomb shares critical…
Bring Birds Back Podcast art

The Noise Report

In this special episode, we explore the critical effects of noise pollution on both humans and birds. Dr. Erica Walker offers an insightful view of how people are negatively impacted by loud disturbances, from everyday life to health complications. And Dr. Clinton Francis shares his…
A graphic with the Bring Birds Back artwork. A Warlber, Robin, and Indigo Bunting are depicted. The text reads "Bring Birds Back"

Season 5 Trailer

A special season of Bring Birds Back launches January 17th! Join our four guest hosts every Wednesday starting January 17th as they tackle a wide range of stories dedicated to habitat loss, pollution and climate change - and, of course, how it all affects our beloved birds. In support of…
A Red-breasted Nuthatch perches on a branch with a seed in its mouth

Day Scott on Recovering with Help from Birds

Day Scott’s interest in birds grew following a car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. As she recovered, she would sit in the kitchen and watch birds at the feeder through the window. She began noticing bird behavior, like how members of the same species competed for space…