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Ann McRae

Ann McRae is a biologist by training and a photographer by calling. She lives on an acreage property very close to the North Saskatchewan river in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Proximity to the river and her always full feeders and flower gardens bring all kinds of birds to the yard. A mating pair of Great Horned Owls call the creek behind her property home. She tries to always have the camera at hand to capture the visitors no matter the season. A round-up of her favorite bird photos is to be found at

Her feeders also bring a collection of other animal visitors, day and night, no matter the weather. A couple of porcupines have taken residence in her shed and under her deck, and her 140lb dog has learned to ignore them. The porcupines, and occasional deer, keep her sunflower seed bill high and her entertained. She has recently started using a trail camera to capture the nocturnal visitors to the yard.!i=24...

In addition to honing her photography skills on the flora and fauna of her yard, Ann enjoys travel photography and sports photography.