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Bonnie Taylor Barry

Bonnie Taylor Barry is a retired English teacher and a lifetime bird lover. Now that she has more time on her hands, she enjoys photographing wild birds, mostly songbirds, in her back yard in southwestern Louisiana, which has a plethora of species year round.

She was once told by a naturalist that bluebirds would not nest in boxes in her yard since that area was not within their normal habitat range. Contrary to the naturalist’s advice, Bonnie put up bluebird boxes anyway, and today, twenty years later, she is happy to report that bluebirds have been nesting on her property to the tune of two or three clutches a year!

Northern Cardinals add a bright note to the symphony of sound and color, and during the summer, the elusive Painted Bunting makes his presence known by his melodious song and an occasional visit to her birdbaths. Waterfowl also abound in the area, making birdwatching and bird photography all the more rich and varied. It’s a good life!