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Ralph Hocken

I grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, then spent ten years on the lower mainland and in Alberta. I presently live in Lantzville, where I’ve spent the last 32 years. I’m a welder by trade. I did some construction, but mostly I worked in the logging industry, repairing equipment.
I’ve now retired from welding and work part time at The Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store, on Metral Road in Nanaimo, BC.
I started bird watching in 2002, but I wanted more, so I took my film camera on the outings. But that didn’t work out too well either. I then bought a digital camera (Canon 10D) and a longer lens (Canon 100/400 mm). I now use a Canon 7D and a Canon 600 mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter. So now, not only am I bird watching, but I’m trying to get a good photo. It’s kind of like hunting, without having to kill anything.